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Reclaiming My Time

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Though I speak precisely I am not understood

Hearers are confused by my eloquence and

My refusal to yield not one second

To their arrogance

Preoccupied by resistance to my intelligence

They interrupt my articulate delivery

Just to see who’s pulling my puppet strings

And fail to listen

As I am neither angry nor weeping

My expressions fall outside their spectrum of conceiving

Their inability to comprehend

Causes them pain-in-the-chest panic

They are perplexed by my confidence

Perturbed by the pride I find

In melanated beauty

Scrambling to understand how

I found out I was awesome


They work at openly disrespecting me

Yet secretly...

I am every Black Woman they fantasise about

Yearning for the 'good old days' when they would leave

Resentful, frigid, prim and proper wives

In dead of night to visit me

And sadistic ears hear honey in my screams

I am every Black Woman they despise for

Having the audacity to rise

As if I belong in the heavens

With feet too royal

To touch the ground


I am every Black Woman rightfully reclaiming my time

Calling them to answer for their crimes

Showing not a lick of fear

While exposing their lies

Telling them to get out of my way

So that I can continue my ascent unobstructed

Bringing my people with me

Nairobi Thompson © 2017

Excerpt fm 'Reclaiming My Time'

Inspired by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif) Reclaiming her time from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin - 'Don't waste my finite and allotted time telling me how great I am, just answer the question. Awesome Aunty Maxine!'

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