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Closing Legal Argument

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The so called ‘killings’ were not a matter of murder or morality

But a question of insurance for property:

Blacks jettisoned to save the lives

Of English crewmen returning home to wives

It is an impertinence to question

The judgement of a captain

So highly regarded

The mere suggestion is folly akin

To throwing him — this upstanding man— overboard

And that would be our sin

We cannot look at with derision

Where the law makes logical provision:

Humans were not thrown overboard

Humans were not murdered

Simply put — a disposal of property was legitimately ordered

And reparations for the loss

Are rightfully due

To the investors and the crew

Nairobi Thompson (c) 2019

The Zong massacre was a mass killing of more than 130 African enslaved people by the crew of the British slaver ship Zong on and in the days following 29 November 1781

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