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Journey of Love

Why not spend ‘An Evening with Nairobi’. You can either go to see her perform (when advertised) or you can book a whole show for your own event! Why not invite her to one of your Zoom parties! Nairobi takes poetry to a new level making it accessible and highly enjoyable to wide audiences. She currently has 5 One Woman Shows available to perform:


After Windrush...

is a funny and challenging look at what it was like to grow up in Britain as an African Caribbean in the 1960s to present day (contains some adult themes). See the fantastic British Blacklist review of the show here:


Journey of Love...

is an adult themed show of sensual and erotic poetry depicting the many highs and lows experienced in the pursuit of love. The show is a wonderful balance of humour, music and thought-provoking verse.


Bayonets, Mangoes and Beads...

contains excerpts from Nairobi’s published and academically endorsed book with the same title. In this show Nairobi shares war poems capturing the too seldom mentioned contributions of African and Caribbean soldiers, and volunteers. See great reviews of the book by Black Presence: and ITZ Caribbean


After Windrush show
Caterpillar butterfly - Nairobi Thompson
Caterpillar butterfly

Windrush 70…

celebrates the contributions made by the ‘Windrush Generation’. It poignantly looks at the political landscape at the time the Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury, and the lives and stories of those onboard, and those who followed.



revolves around 3 short films made by award winning film maker Souleyman Garcia with Nairobi as executive producer. The films showcase her poetry covering themes about how to transition from pain and hardship to strength and beauty. It is a celebration of the human spirit.

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