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About Nairobi


A writer, poet and learning and development specialist, Nairobi is a versatile communicator and facilitator with a rare ability to challenge and entertain professional and artistic audiences.

When asked to describe herself and what she does Nairobi often quotes Chaka Khan’s classic ‘I’m Every Woman – It’s All in Me!’ Refusing to be typecast as just a poet or a trainer she says she simply likes to write, share and help others.  

With over 30 years of experience as a learning and development specialist Nairobi’s craft began with management and training design for senior leadership, mentoring and coaching. She is an Institute of Leadership and Management Qualified Executive Coach and Mentor, with a Masters degree in training and performance management. Nairobi also specialises in psychosocial (or personal) coaching as an integral part of leadership, business and career coaching for people who may have experienced disadvantage within their organisations, to build their confidence and enhance self-esteem. Alongside this, her sound Equalities background has also seen her work on national government projects to improve underrepresentation of groups with protected characteristics.  


Inspired by her professional and personal life experiences Nairobi further developed her craft to include: writing, poetry, event hosting and film making


A published academic and creative writer, Nairobi has produced several publications - most notably her academically endorsed book 'Bayonets, Mangoes And Beads' representing the lost African and Diasporic voices of WWI and WWII through poetry.  A prolific writer, Nairobi has also written a series of 5 original shows entitled 'An Evening with Nairobi...' where she explores various themes using different styles of poetry and performs these herself. Currently, she holds the following positions: BBC Regional Poet, Poet in Residence for The Windrush Foundation, and Poet in Residence for The Equiano Society


Nairobi is a dynamic poet performing different styles of poetry from traditional rhyme to colourful blank verse in patois. She has had the privilege of writing and performing moving pieces for Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Carmen Munroe MBE, Lord Ouseley, Baroness Howells, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.  She has featured as a poet in the documentary film ‘Looking for Love’ by award winning film director and producer, Menelik Shabazz. ​ Nairobi also worked with award winning film-maker and director Souleyman Garcia to produce 3 short films showcasing her poetry.  



Additionally, as an academic, and a learning and development specialist, Nairobi has over 30 years of developing and delivering the following: 

  • UK and International Senior Leadership programmes 

  • Anti-racist resources  

  • Mental health and wellbeing initiatives  

  • Trauma Informed Practice.  

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