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He sought among the branches what was only available in the roots

Mesmerising sways of leafy wonder in the wind

Pretty fragrant blooms caught his eye and bound his senses

Ready reds and passionate purples

Yielding to sun and soaking up morning dews

He gave no thought to the roots buried deep

That sustained all he was transfixed with

The roots were not pretty yet

The tangled winding mass underground

Was the soul that fed all that was luscious, succulent, ripe

Roots twisted by drought because she refused to die each time

She was abandoned – Rather she extended herself further

In every direction to find sweet sustenance

Roots though feeling the weight of the world

Blood spilt and associated guilt

She drew minerals and nutrients – Vital for survival and wellbeing

Keeping her beauty in her calm

Satisfaction, knowing and contentment – The essence of every floral smile

Roots containing every good thing – Housing her climbing ambition

Tenaciously negotiating obstacles – Nothing impossible

Loving herself long before loving

The 'idea' of other people loving her could take hold

Like a fungal rot

Refusing uninformed opinions of who and what

She should be

Avoiding prime conditions for colonisation and proliferation

With the potential to

Permeate her fibrous structure

Causing decay

Fascinated ONLY by her branches – He left when

Her seasons changed

Her boughs looked barren – And she offered no shade

Supposing her dead and useless

He left and missed out on her greatest gift...

The power of regeneration

With strengthened attributes

The promise of renewal

Found only in her roots

Nairobi Thompson © 2018


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