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last dance

i live yesterday today and hope tomorrow

is different even though i know

i shall spend it looking back

since the presence of the past

is always present

i cannot break free from

the inexplicably inescapable torment

of being without you

it is unjustifiable to blame you for

every time i have broken my own heart

by trusting that which i knew could not sustain me

by leaning on arms i knew would fail me

i remind myself not to think about you

and in so doing i think about you!!

i forget that i'm supposed to forget

and call to the fore all that should

have been laid to rest

at the behest of my heart

my quest to forget falters

and if this was a test

then the only thing i could attest to is that

the best times i ever had

were the times i was blest

to be with you

i know we cannot be together

i know you belong to someone else

but there's something about you

that means i cannot help myself

i want to let you go

i want you to know that i have integrity

but when you touch me it messes with me

and all the resolve to give you up dissolves

and i'm left with an inability

to free myself from you

so just for today

for one more day let's pretend

that we found each other

just before we settled for what was

immediately in front of us

for fear that we would never find

the stuff of romantic novels

and let us lose ourselves

in this moment divided


so that this last dance

lasts the rest

of our lives

NaiNai (c) 2014

Image fm 'The Story of Lovers Rock' by Menelik Shabazz

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