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A Daily Declaration

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I am an accomplished woman Committed to strong endeavour I find favour wherever I am I was born to be great Not as some count greatness... Called to fulfil my potential, my purpose I give no place to bitterness Though nobody's fool In forgiving and moving forward The dark is light about me All that has been stolen from me Shall be restored with interest Patrons are moved to bestow gifts I am extraordinarily fortunate Sometimes reaping where I have not sown Doors are flung wide open for me Earnest invitations Lead me to tables spread with bounty

When I fall angels bare me up Good Samaritans bind my wounds I am endowed beyond measure with wisdom,

Health, and confidence My 'Now' is in my hands With gladness of heart I am thankful Showing love and compassion To those in need Building others And my life is enriched all the more

I am an accomplished woman I find favour wherever I am Nairobi Thompson (c) 2015

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