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She knew he would eventually understand

Her gift in retrospection

Introspection and recollection would show

The superficiality of adhering to a ‘type’

So she gave him more than he was ready for

More than he deserved

Plenty to lay in store for the time

Of his awakening

The predictable shallows:

His comfort for too long

Bathed in full moon light

Drew him to deep

Sleep taught him

Dismantling stereotypes in his subconscious

Wake challenged him

Positing new directions for consideration

Visions and dreams implored him

To act—to defy the convention

And profanity of ‘the perfect woman’

The absurdity of a flawless personality:

The ideal

The expected

The accepted

And instead

Love in the abandoned way

All secretly seek

Were it not for the criticism they would reap

From those who because of

Their own insecurities and jealousies

Advise him not to leap

But the spiritual realms pushed him

For everything in conference knew

He would never in all his life

Meet one so unique again

Nairobi Thompson (c) 2016


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