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Almost British

Her managers treated her like she was an idiot and invisible. They expected her to ignore the unapologetic racial stereotyping, and being passed over for promotion. They expected her to accept the coordinated and relentless persecution—perhaps they thought she was too ordinary, too weak to fight for justice. But they were wrong! She had a voice and an indomitable spirit.

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About Nairobi  

Nairobi is a writer, poet and workshop facilitator. She is a multifaceted individual who enlightens, challenges and empowers audiences of all ages and backgrounds. From training workshops to performance events Nairobi is a seasoned talent in using her words! Armed with a learning and development background Nairobi delivers impactful messages to achieve desired outcomes.

Nairobi in Action


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Descant Deb, The British Blacklist

“She is an extraordinary talent which I will most certainly watch and support with interest” 

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