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Tallawah is a commemorative collection of ‘Windrush Generation’ poetry to mark the 75th year of the Empire Windrush ship docking at Tilbury.  As the author Nairobi Thompson makes sure the reader understands that ‘Windrush’ though iconic, is so much more than a single ship arriving in Britain in 1948.


The docking at Tilbury is but one moment of many historical moments from antiquity to present day in which African peoples have made immensely positive and significant contributions. Nairobi uses her creativity to disrupt the false narrative that apart from the occasional social ‘hiccup’ in the 20th Century, West Indians largely had a lovely time in Britain. This collection is an unflinching look at what African and Caribbean peoples had to endure in order to survive in Britain and still endure today against a background of political and social hostilities. She articulates the triumphs, absurdities, and sometimes brutal realities of what it is like to be Black and British.

Tallawah: Windrush Generation Poetry

1 Kilogram
  • 100 pages with text, colour and black and white photographs/artwork

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