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February 3, 2017

We go to funerals without hesitation
Got to pay our respects!
But to call or support by doing the odd chore
In the middle of the week
Before 'I'll Fly Away Oh Glory' or 'I Did It My Way' plays to cover grief
Is burdensome (Though we'd never admit it)
Promises to visit become lies
Lies become life


We pick and choose
Who to abuse with our absence
Our silence becomes an unfair indictment -
Telling tales
As guilt laden rumours of their loneliness
Are drowned out by the clamour
Of our over full lives
Ever decreasing interaction becomes their slow death
Each breath heavy with 'Why?'


Then the funeral
And without invitation
We're there!
We arrive to celebrate a life
We've ignored for years
Tears for a life that was available to us
When we needed babysitters
A loan or two
A lift
A hug
A place to stay
And when the time came to repay...
We were busy
Pursuing dreams they helped to furnish
Rising to dizzying heights of success
So blessed
So forgetful
Always mindful
Mostly stressed


Obsessed with everything but them

We always meant to visit
To say 'Thank you'
To say 'I couldn't have made it without you...'
We meant to return the favours
Bring the grand kids
Go on seaside trips
But then we ran out of time

And so did they



So many people turn up on the day
So many old faces with traces of regret
Solemn steps to cold seats
Warm promises to do better from now on
Exchanged numbers on the backs of the Order of Service
Destined to be buried in bags, drawers and sideboards
With Dominoe Pizza special offer leaflets
Discount gym membership registration cards
And all the other good intentions



NaiNai (c) 2015

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