April 9, 2016

Summoned by the king
I stand before him lovely
Dark skinned mysterious
Strong willed imperious


All day in preparation for this moment...
Steam to open pores and doors to hidden impurities
All over body course grain salts
Restore radiance
Abrasive motion sands away nagging insecurities about
Whether after many years my touch will stir his loins


Bathing long in water with lotus flower oil
White lilies float with me in scented candle glow
Skin softening indulgence


Unguents infused with principle spices crown my braided hair
My body anointed
With ceremonial cinnamon and cassia in coconut oil
Preparing promise


Incense burns as transcendental meditative thoughts abound
Limiting beliefs expelled
I picture him and send hypnotic fragrance ladened with
The glory that awaits
Oh how I shall on sight
Bring day to night
And put wrong right!


For he carries the kingdom
Reigning in wisdom
Shouldering responsibilities
Waging war with enemies
But tonight he comes home
To me


I will untether his mind
With each caress
Dismantle the stress compressed in muscle groups
Away in inner sanctum
We will explore the cosmos


My ready body draped with scented silks
Behind me leaves a trail expected bliss
Embroidered lace to trace my regal frame
Awaits his calling of my name
My name he shall many times impassioned call
Before the night has end


Summoned by the king
I stand before him lovely
Black kohl painted Ashanti eyes
Meet smiles
'I am here my lord
What is thy desire?'


NaiNai (c) 2015

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