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My Hair, My Rules

I'm all for breaking down barriers

But don't touch my hair

I’m not even asking nicely

Because we shouldn’t even have to go there!

Why does joining a campaign

In the name of

Accessibility to commonalities

Involve touching my hair?

Are you trying to tell me that equality

Within the human race starts

With an invasion of my personal space

Haven't we been here before?


See it starts with the hair

With innocence intrigued

And interest peeked by the versatility

Of each strand

The dignity that shines in the face of bigotry

Whether a fro, straightened, locs or twists

Our ability to resist persecution

And bring about our own revolution

As coded into each wiry follicle


I'm all for breaking down barriers

But don't you touch my hair

I am not your pet, your plaything

I do not consent to your analysis

Hear me on this –

My body is not an artefact

For you to examine, a landscape for you to frack

I will not join your circus and be a big tent

Spectacle of ridicule

I’ve no desire to satisfy your curiosity

I'm not here for you to peruse

And will not be an attraction in your zoo!

Excerpt from 'My Hair, My Rules!'

Nairobi Thompson © 2013

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