Nairobi Thompson 2020, designed by Special FX media


February 3, 2017

We go to funerals without hesitation
Got to pay our respects!
But to call or support by doing the odd chore
In the middle of the week
Before 'I'll Fly Away Oh Glory' or 'I Did It My Way' plays to cover grief
Is burdensome (Though we'd never admit it)
Promises to visit...

April 9, 2016

Summoned by the king
I stand before him lovely
Dark skinned mysterious
Strong willed imperious

All day in preparation for this moment...
Steam to open pores and doors to hidden impurities
All over body course grain salts
Restore radiance
Abrasive motion sands away naggi...

February 19, 2016

I'll wait for you inside the moon
Sprinkled with silver regolith
In bright highlands 
Rhythm of celestial phases
Indigo skies
We will make our own atmosphere
On the dark side
Away from astronomer prying eyes
Telescopic intrusions
The gravitational pull of attraction

August 19, 2015

The sun set in my eye
Of slave ship set for sail
With all my joy aboard

The window of my soul agape
Awaiting the return
Of my crudely taken love

The tide of tears in desperation
Rise in futile swells
To surge the ship
Back to African shores

My tears they brim and overflow

March 15, 2015

Two hearts doth align
And adopt the same rhythm
Same rhyme
In unison beating out strong in regular time
Filling unoccupied space with bold thunder
Shouting love's arrival
Lightning flashes reanimate degenerate natures
Atrophied by endless waits
For 'The One'
Grateful s...

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